Mustafa Abdelhai

Starting and running an online business is never an easy task. Some companies struggle from the start, some hit a bottleneck and can't grow much further.

Over the last 5 years I've helped companies like MoBerries, FairFleet (Allianz X), MileBox, Prindo, Wildsterne and others make millions in revenue, raise millions in funding, improve their sales pipeline and acquire thousands of users.

I'm open for consulting, drop me a line! (In EN or DE)

I'm also a professional programmer (Python & JavaScript) and a DevOps specialist. I've created many projects like Devolio, DevChat (8000+ members) and Inbound News for iOS (sold).

Make sure to also checkout my friends: Wahib (awesome Android dev) and Célestin (super creative web designer).

Have a nice day! 👋